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Our Mission

Friends of Teach For America aims to empower TFA teachers by engaging young professionals to offer mentorship and friendship, and to help make Dallas home. Through this community, we strive to enable educators to reach their full potential and have the maximum impact on students.

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What We Do

By becoming a member, you not only have the opportunity to network with outstanding local leaders, but you also directly impact teachers and students within the Dallas-Fort Worth community.

Friends of TFA members get involved in the following activities:

  • Visiting Teach For America classrooms
  • Providing career mentorship to teachers
  • Helping students prepare for college
  • Building social connections with teachers
  • Getting involved in education policy/advocacy
  • Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness

Volunteer Support at Your School


If you are a TFA - DFW teacher and would like volunteer support for your classroom, the Friends of TFA are here to help! 

Simply submit a request and tell us what kind of project you need help with.

Examples include: planting a school garden, painting a mural, or donating holiday gifts for students!

Career Connections


Interested in providing career support to a DFW corps member? Contact Toni Parker to get connected!

This could look like:

  • Meetings for career advice
  • Volunteering on a panel
  • Hosting an industry-specific happy hour
  • Job-shadowing

Become a Member


Join now, and your membership will be active through December 2018. Starting January 2017, memberships will renew on an annual basis.

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Are you an alumnus interested in becoming a member? In lieu of dues, please make a gift directly to the Alumni Match Campaign. The suggested gift amount is $25.00. Please note: At checkout, you must select to dedicate your donation in honor or in memory of someone, and then type “Friends of TFA.”

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Community Members

Are you a community member interested in joining Friends of TFA? Learn how you can support this program.

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Corps Members

Are you a current corps member who would like to be a part of our Young Professionals Group? There is no cost for membership; however, you must complete a brief survey.

Friends of TFA in Action


Upcoming Events

We’re currently planning our next event. Please check back soon for details.

Meet Our Board

A headshot of a young African American man.

Allen Anderson

Dallas–Fort Worth 2009
Uplift Education

Hometown: Tulsa, OK

Favorite Teacher: "Mrs. Carey was not just a Latin teacher.... She was also a mentor, a role model, a coach and an eventual friend."

A headshot of a young white woman with dark hair.

Aline Bass

Crow Holdings

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Favorite Teacher: "Mrs. Cunningham helped teach me and instill an appreciation for learning about countries, empires, and cultures through a historical lens."

A headshot of a young white man with dark hair.

Ryan Buchanan

Chicago–Northwest Indiana 2011
Brokerage- Office Tenant Representation CBRE, Inc.

Hometown: Elm Grove, WI

Favorite Teacher: "Mr. Kroening - 7th Grade Social Studies"

A headshot of a young white man with brown hair.

John Callahan

Koch Real Estate Investments

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Favorite Teacher: "Mrs. Jones sparked my interest in history by helping me understand by knowing someone's past you can better understand them as a person and why they do things."


Cassidy Liland, Ph.D.

Women's Mental Wellness

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Favorite Teacher: "My 8th grade English teacher, Erin Vader, always encouraged us to take risks and not be afraid of failure."

A headshot of a young white man.

John Cox

Cox Partners, Inc.

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Favorite Class: "English. It's nice to think of and use language differently than we do in our everyday lives."

A headshot of a young white woman with blonde hair.

Skylar Evans

Boston Consulting Group

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Favorite Teacher: "My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Dawson because she inspired and encouraged her students to pursue their passions and keep a curious mind, leading by example."

A headshot of a young white woman with blonde hair.

Meaghan Johnston

Attorney Vela Wood PC

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Favorite Teacher: "Mrs. Muffly's AP English class. She found creative ways to engage her students, and I've always been a big book nerd :)"

A headshot of a young white man with brown hair.

Haynes Strader

Dallas–Ft. Worth 2011
CBRE, Inc.

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Favorite Teacher: "Mrs. Pressel - AP Biology. She was able to work with a wide array of students...and teach us a very challenging subject in an engaging way."